Tuesday, January 6

Unwanted Christmas present? Clothes that don't fit?

Stuff you're thinking about chucking away?

Don't add to the statistics.

Resist the allure of the bins!

Look here if you want someone locally to come and pick them up from you and put them to good use, or here if you fancy getting rid of them yourself and plumping up the shelves at your local Oxfam.


Tom said...

Or give Ebay a go first. Might be worth a few bob if it's in good nick.

Katy Murr said...

Noooo! We want to be eco-friendly and neighbour-friendly and encourage regional awareness... failing wanting that, and needing money, yes, of course, we could turn to Ebay.

I often -intend- to put stuff on Ebay. Perhaps with rare/designer stuff I should though.

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