Tuesday, February 5

I enjoys/ I likes/ I loves... etc.

  • having had my hair cut (it is much better. Feels lovely!)
  • reading some older poetry (Metaphysical and Victorian stuff)
  • a book called 'Mastering Poetry' by Sara Thornes. It's written succinctly, arranged neatly, and goes into enough detail. It's not a 'here, this is what you must believe' sort of book...
  • dunking brioche in hot chocolate
  • walking for a long time, just walking, no where in particular
  • waking up without quickly having to get up (a favourite ;))
  • explaining to hairdressers that I do, quite literally, nothing with my hair apart from washing and brushing now and then: no mousse, no product, no straightners (I would rather sleep or watch a film)
  • eating really good food. Recent things include some wonderful monkfish with a great tomato sauce, squash mash, carrot cake... bread and butter pudding (with croissants, real custard, lemon, currants and nutmeg)
  • wearing my new - hand-knitted (and holy!) - scarf
  • wearing a certain pair of trainers (which are now so worn out. I would buy the same ones again. Must have a look to see if I can get them... whenever I next go clothes/ shoe shopping, which has actually not been for a long, long time)
  • drinking green and blacks' hot chocolate (it's a substitute until I go to France and stock up again)
  • walks in the evening with friends
  • impromptu trips
  • pendants. Necklaces. I'm looking out for some new ones!
  • lying on cushions on the floor, doing absolutely nothing (try it, then tell me if you don't like it)