Saturday, January 26

Things I have learnt recently include...

  • cherries + fruity red wine = wonderful combination
  • restaurants which shut at 2pm (end of the lunch time slot) actually often shut earlier
  • with some people one can argue, probe, poke, and it can all be okay afterwards (almost immediately)
  • lots of new French and German words
  • that I actually quite like Yeats. (!) Particularly the Cloths of Heaven one, and a few others. (I tried him about a year ago properly, and didn't quite get it. Tried again last night and had to force myself off to bed. Now there are lots of page markers in my copy.)
  • sushi = yum.
  • that I drink a considerable amount more water than most people (through the oh-so-scientific personal surveys...)
  • that I miss France, and speaking French. And I miss being surrounded by people talking about poems
  • receiving mail is really delightful. Especially when it involves poetry which I don't have to pay more than stamps for, which includes lines bits like 'Accident, arrogant. Call it love.'
  • that I would really, really like to have my own swimming pool one day (why do the public ones have stuff shut off for schools, or OAPs so often? They are meant to be encouraging people to swim, not putting them off! Private gyms cost too much, although that would be an alternative for some people, just not me)
  • home made bread = hard crusts (have not yet found a way to avoid this.)
  • that a book of mine which includes my hand-written essays does not seem to be turning up, despite my wishing for it (it will be utterly SHIT if it does not; even more work to do)
  • reorganising books, and reorganising my room in general = very relaxing
  • phone calls are quite helpful. It doesn't matter if you're in your PJs, or have just woken up, or anything like that, because the other person doesn't have to know.
  • if I continue buying/ reading books at my current rate, by the time I am old enough/ financially-stable enough to buy somewhere of my own to live, I will have enough books for a library. How exciting!
  • paperbacks take up substantially less room on my bookcase = good thing!

I am putting this under the tag 'favourite things' because quite a few of these things are included in my favourite things, currently. Which can only be a good thing, right?