Saturday, February 2


  • we have snow, obvious white on the green of boring mowed lawns, on the lines of houses blocking the hills and the parks
  • we also have sun, which is a pleasant change in the corner of England where rain is expected
  • And wind, but not overly so.

Ideal cycling scenery, really, which is a good thing also, considering my bike has not been stolen, despite my dreaming last night that it had (although this reminds me that it needs fixing. But so long as it is in covered-in-mud condition, I like to think it is less likely to be nicked? Hmm... I also need a better lock.)

Of course, we have a lot of that bit where snow melts and turns into slippy pearly gloop on our pavements. I also got a new book of poems today. It doesn't compensate for last night, although it goes some way to a private comfort. Poetry often does that... get fed up with people, go somewhere, and sit and read. Then read some more... until sufficiently brimming with poems and lines swimming around your mind. (See! The reason I read so much! Partially, please... it is partially why. There are other reasons too, but necessity hits pretty high on the list.) I like the way the lines move - doesn't sound forced at all - makes me want to learn how to do that. Maybe I will find out where she's reading next. And go all on my onio. And not have to bother with anyone else, or making conversation with new people, unless I really really want to. (I don't mean this post to give the impression I'm unsociable - I wouldn't actually say I am - I just, like most people probably do, get fed up of bothering sometimes.)

A friend text me telling me they like trains. I presume she's on one. Lucky... Where would you take a train/ trains to, if you could go anywhere? Which reminds me to also ask, have you ever tried interrail?

(Another added comfort last night was reading essays on The Catcher in The Rye. You might think the book itself would be more interesting, but it was extremely fun reading this, as I'd never read much criticism on the book before, despite having read it so many times. I really enjoyed the previous readers' witty notes too... they were oh-so-inventive... *raises eyebrow*) Oh, I have work to do. AS work, versus essays, versus poems, versus cycling, versus running (can I even run properly anymore? I doubt I have the stamina. Cycling is an easier option) ... decisions, decisions.


Anonymous said...

Dear Katy,

I'm reading with Frances next week if you're interested:


Katy Murr said...

Hello Simon,

thanks a lot for letting me know about that - strange you happened upon here just in time to tell me! I'll see if I can persuade someone else to drive me down (not got my license yet, unfortunately!) and then I could go. It'd be great to hear some real live poetry again (not as if there's not a lot of places where I live - there's loads - it's just that recently my plans have always been disrupted.)

I shall attempt to go. I'd love to have a look around the city as well, if possible... it'd be interesting to have a lengthly wander round Cambridge.

Once again, thanks for the info, maybe see you there, and I hope you have a wonderful evening of poems.