Friday, February 15

the most fantastic things ever (some of...)

  • Walking into a place, and - if it is possible to say a place is humming with ideas - knowing that this place in which you step is.
  • Meeting people and being able to talk and joke and laugh without any kind of awkwardness bar the surprise that this is someone you have only just met; and it not mattering that you will probably never meet them again (although often, it seems, you somehow do end up meeting them again) all that is important is that it is there, you know you have had it, you are so sure of this, and that even if it is fleeting, which you know it is, for it cannot be anything but a temporary lull, and that other people would say it is silly that it can leave such an impression, beyond all this, that it is possible is what you hold most tightly. That it is possible to now and then exist in this that comes and goes, which you never know when it will occur, and due to such utter lack of knowledge, you can only be utterly overwhelmed when it does.
  • Walking, cycling, swimming – exercise altogether. Why don't people do more of it? It doesn't cost much – if anything – and it feels fantastic. Plus, work-wise, the benefits are huge. If I've reached a block with some work, I go for a walk; when I return to it, it is inevitably easier.
  • The way things collide; mixes, matchings, collisions. Chance meetings, chance overhearings, chance opportunities and lands you never before knew existed simultaneously unlocking themselves in your mind, without any effort or will on your part. Life, for all the shit we get thrown, refusing to let you give up on it. It swings over you, showing what could and can be, laughing as you try to sleep and you think how finite, finite mortals we are, and what fools for wasting so much of it – for the lack of self-indulgence, the lack of selfishness, the pretending that others needs/ wants/ wishes are our own and allowing them to be imposed up on us. And now I am surprised at how surprising my days are. So many things have happened recently which surprise me and push at disbelief that the world can, could, possibly be real. I am surprised. Truly, truly surprised, and so happy that I can only wait for the (inevitable?) tip - it will, it must come. When, like so much else, I do not know.
There needs to be another word for stranger; for the kind of stranger who you see/ overheard/ read/ meet and instantly know.


therapydoc said...

Very cool concept. I think Vonnegut called it being in someone's karass.

Katy Murr said...

I find it reassuring, don't you? Something which cuts the routine. Often though, these sorts of people somehow end up being too similar when you get to know them a bit more... and then you clash. It's best as chance meetings without explanation, I think. Do you like reading Vonnegut? I've never read any.