Friday, February 1

at what point do you give up

on people, or one particular person? how many chances can you really let yourself give to them, offer out to them, putting your time, your hopes, yourself on the line, before you are fed-up and tired of hoping for change which will never come?

I don't think I actually want the answer.


Jonathan said...

Probably shouldn't give advice without knowing anything about the context, but... You have to ask yourself, is this person taking advantage of me? If it's the case, put some space between you and see what happens.

Tom said...

I agree with jonathan, it's hard to give advice without the context, which understandably, you won't (and probably shouldn't) give. However I would say that you'd need to think long and hard about that change that you need. Is there a chance of a compromise in what you need, and if not, what are the chances of this change happening? If the answer to these questions are no and none respectively, you should ask yourself if it's worth it.

Katy Murr said...

Hello Jonathan,

headspace sounds like a good idea. We all need that sometimes, don't we, to give our perspective a bit of a re-hash.

PS: I like Paris too. Your post on it made me want to visit again! I've only been once, but I was amazed at the fact you could get wonderful food for reasonable prices, even in the centre. One day we couldn't decide on the cakes so we bought one of every single mini one. It probably helped that I was shown round by Parisians. And that I'm learning French and am one of those people who gets excited over realising that they are speaking another language, and it's going okay, and the other people are understanding, etc etc. Preferable over London, certainly, despite my love for London. It's really good you travelled when you were so young. I think travelling changes people; you see a different way, different possibilities, and return home quite changed.

Hi Tom -

there comes problems with having a blog. Especially when you think some people don't read it, and then suddenly they tell you they do. Most of what I say, though, I think doesn't outline the people too well. People don't like change, do they? They find it difficult, they go against it, they promise themselves they'll make it, but still find it so difficult to actually do it. Anyway, beautiful day, don't you think?

Violet said...

I think you know the answer deep inside if you can get centered and listen to your inner voice. In past relationships, I have struggled and struggled and then suddenly it becomes clear what I need to do. Waiting for people to change rarely works out, but people can surprise you sometimes.

Katy Murr said...

Hi Violet,

I hear what you're saying, and totally agree - waiting for people to change is a no-hoper, allowing yourself to be surprised, however, is a bit different... sometimes it just takes a bit of time, reflection, walking etc to get to that place.

Jonathan said...

Hello Katy,

The writing about Paris you're referring to was a 'guest post' written by my Dad, who is somewhat older than me...

I've thought about making a theme out of this, so if you have the inclination to write me a 'guest post' about your time visiting Paris, I'd be pleased to post it.

Best, Jonathan

Katy Murr said...

Hi Jonathan,

sorry, I just presumed it was you, because I had no idea about your age.

I'd like to do that, actually. I'll have a think about it and let you know when I've come up with something.