Saturday, January 19

Since when did post arrive at 5pm?

Despite crappy postal service, a most wonderful letter has arrived; 'So good to hear from you! What a delightful way to start a new year, I must say. And scented paper too! (I thought it smelt peculiar, so I sprayed it with perfume.) It's good to kow that there are still people in England doing things properly...' Oh yes, killing trees isn't so awful if wonderful letters are made of them... much, much better than email.

The letter gets better:

'Atheism... arrogant, agnosticism is cowardice, theism all too often falls prey to the folly of man...'

and the PS? 'yes... written on pages torn out of my exercise book'. (Nice, weighty paper though, so no complaints.)

Gosh. Exciting getting letters. Especially when you were wondering an hour ago whether they got yours, which was a reply about two months late. (This one will be quicker, I promise myself.)

My PS: then asking about Orwell and Wilde occurs, along with talk of becoming a recluse as a result...

now, I shall go out.

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