Tuesday, January 29

Much Ado About Nothing - plays/ texts for comparison?

I have an essay to write on Much Ado About Nothing. Am thinking I could 'compare + contrast' with another comedy, perhaps written around a similar time, or maybe a bit later. Any ideas? I'm stuck - this is an area of literature which I really need to find out more about. By comparing and contrasting, I could write about the way the form is used, the comedy, effects of his contemporaries perhaps...

suggestions? I would even consider poetry. Or something in translation. Very much open to ideas. Of course, I could do another question, rather than the one about it being a comedy, but seeing as my weak point is genre, it would make sense to stretch myself a bit more, do some reading (albeit quickly and intensely!), and find out some things.


Emily Tesh said...

Perhaps 'Twelfth Night'? You could do some interesting stuff on the active vs. the passive heroine (Viola/Beatrice against Olivia/Hero) and Twelfth Night is a fantastic read, one of his absolute best, with lots of interesting stuff about gender and sexuality if you're looking for it (the biggest love story is a lesbian one.)

I'm afraid I don't know a lot about renaissance comedy that isn't Shakespearean, but you might want to take a look at the Italian conventions of commedia dell'arte, which I seem to remember is the direct precedent, and is certainly interesting in its own right - although you can't really read any since it was all improvised and there were no scripts.

Katy Murr said...

Hello again Emily,

you name the same play the first person I asked suggested. I'll see if I can get a copy from a second-hand bookshop tomorrow, and if not maybe resort to a first-hand bookshop! It does sound wonderful - highly provocative, from what you've told me. And yes, that's precisely what I'm after. Some meaty content for discussion!

I'll have a look if I can get some books out tomorrow. I'll be going to the library anyway, as I've got a few things very much overdue (at least they'll get my fines paid as they're so late!)

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll let you know how I get on! I'd best get reading fast when I get the books. What an ideal accompaniment for tomorrow night's babysitting!