Thursday, December 6

draft of a new poem.

[poem has since been removed.]

I'm too wary about this to leave it up for long, for fear of people reading it and making assumptions. But I would like to hear any reactions/ comments you might have; else I'll send it to a few poetry friends who live a safe enough distance away.

Wednesday, December 5


I miss, miss it. For a few weeks I was in a cycle of cycling (haha, don't laugh too much...) about 10 miles each day, five days a week. I really, really miss it. Now I just have this constant feeling of needing to run or cycle or swim (typically cycle, it's easiest, given that I don't - unfortunately; one can dream, and does dream - have a pool in my backgarden/celler/loft), which is frustrating. Plus, I am convinced there is a direct link between exercise and writing - ie. the more exercise I do, the more writing typically, and the more motivated all round... I am properly tired, less fidgety, all round happier. Oh dear, just remembered I need to watch a film tonight... or early tomorrow... it has to be returned tomorrow. And I do want to watch it, it is French.

Poetry news? some useful comments off a poetry mag ed (nice mental kick in the right direction), and some possible work experience poetry-wise (I heart, heart poetry, and would especially love to do something like this. Let's hope my not drinking coffee/ tea personally won't mean my skills at making it are crap; I could always try giving them hot chocolate... but, in all seriousness, I would love to go away and just be surrounded mainly by poetry-ness. It sounds most appealing.) Oh, and my French seems to be getting better. Normal radio-speak is comprehendable. Yipeeeee...

(And guess what? I spy an exhibition of Blake's artwork coming up North soon - shall be going, at least once, for sure!)

Monday, December 3

'what is it to be a man that I don't want a woman to be?'

Provocative thread at Feministing, which is where I nicked this from (in the comments...). See:

Our ideas of masculinity and femininity seem often so confined, so limited that it must be impossible for us to do our own identities and others' any good. How does it help to define a woman as one who is less sporty/ quiter/ less aggresive/ more passive/ more 'bitchy', or more 'chatty'? Or to define a 'man' as protective, strong, sporty, aggresive? None of these things help us, yet we resort to them, right from when a new child is born, and we choose colours as well as labels. Is is actually possible to move away from this? To what extent can we resist the ideas we're handed down? These are things I'm trying, bit by bit, to work out, and things I'm sure will keep me occupied for a long time.