Wednesday, November 7

Banal event, you might say.

One of my friends had his bike stolen this week. No big deal, right? Forget about it, people have insurance, and it mustn’t have been locked properly if it managed to get stolen! This time, I do think, yes, actually it is a big deal for me. He uses it a lot normally, he enjoys using it, and it was his. He’s not a rich bastard living in a big house who can easily afford to buy a new one, he’s a typical student; and the crappy insurance (this is something which really pisses me off about insurance!) makes it so that it’s ‘not worth claiming’. Useful, eh?

People would inevitably reply with saying how there are things more important, with a wise look intact; how I shouldn’t let me get it down (I’m not, but it does piss me off; there’s a difference, which a lot of people don’t seem to see…); how he can buy a new one if he really wants, and if he doesn’t buy a new one, then hey, he doesn’t really want a new one. I just don’t understand the motivation. Were I to steal (not that I would), but hypothetically, I would at least try ensure it was off someone who wouldn’t be too affected, who wouldn’t feel my tugging their bike away, who wouldn’t sit wondering where it’s now being sold off to.

Plus, I know I’d be angry if my bike was nicked: I like to ride my bike, like to ride my bicycle… (smile?)