Saturday, September 8

Let's picture this scene: you're walking along on the pavement. Another person is walking along on the pavement opposite, heading in the opposite direction also. Said person checks you out. You notice said person checking you out and also happen to check said person out, realising that they really look quite lovely. And attractive. And have a nice bum. Etc etc. You continue checking each other out, whilst slowing the pace of your steps, until you pass each other and you'd have to turn around to continue. Nevertheless, after a few steps of not looking, you decide to glance around subtly. You both do this at the same time. You laugh.


Friday, September 7

I don't just read the blogs on the side, on the right. I also read other stuff, like or or or or or

Basically I am just lazy and do not update my links. Pardon me. (Those on the right I do tend to read quite regularly, when there is writing to be read; the thirty or so under 'blogs', I sometimes check, sometimes don't.)

Wednesday, September 5

when all seems to be falling apart/ colliding,

try going for a walk on your onio/ taking a walk on your own. (I prefer the 'taking' here.)

without anywhere to go to in particular, with comfy shoes and clothes, maybe with a book or a camera or a doodlepad, with a dog (if you have one and like it), and maybe with no-one to meet (all depends who you'd be meeting, really...)

Trust me.

Free therapy... I'm surprised it isn't taken advantage of more... maybe doctors could prescribe it. Or people could just take it.