Friday, June 15


It is raining now. It doesn't take much to work out how a field will be tomorrow after lovely rain, rain, rain... I have never been camping before. No, not even for one night. Perhaps I am over-reacting, perhaps my fear of lack of 'facilities' (you know what I mean), moths, and uncomfy sleeping arrangements.

Were this blog anonymous, there would be far more spiel (is that the correct spelling? Is there even a correct spelling? I am too lazy to check at this very moment.)

Perhaps the wine will be some sort of thing to dull my 'argh'. I think it is mostly the idea of having nowhere to piss, having drank, which quite worries (read: terrifies) me. (Overly precious? I do wonder, too...) The moths, I can cope with; the crazed hayfever which is so inevitable I can drug myself up against.

I shall let you know...

(someone is trying to convince me. You're doing surprisingly well. Only because I trust you, though. Beware that depending upon the outcome, this could change... and don't say I never warned you, because I know you read this.)

I hope to be a convert. Then I can return and write lots of blogs and give you all much interesting poems and writing things to probe, in an attempt to flush this post from my mainpage.

Onto other matters... has anyone heard about Mark Halliday? You can read an interview with him here: and one of his (I think; there seem to be two 'Mark Halliday's who are poets...) poems here:

(I sort of didn't want to give you that link because of my blah at the bottom. But it's worth it. For knowing a few more people who might read this will hopefully read that. And tell me what you think?)

It is quite addictive; pulls you in and makes you concentrate. I shall print it out and stick it somewhere prominent in my room. (Only a few poems get this special treatment...)


Thoughts are brewing over: 1) the utility of letting ideas 'brew' 2) Feminism. (and why so many people decline to call themselves this, despite seemingly supporting it, bar the term...) 3) the productivity of anonymity (sp?) 4) how thoughtful people who I've only met once or twice but talk/ email a lot can be.


Poems need scribbling over... (editing). I look forward to it.