Thursday, April 26

'when/ one child's hand turned the/ kaleidoscope upside/ down.'

I swear there is some addiction to the word kaleidoscope. It's just 'hmmm'. I like it a lot. Muji is shutting down in The Triangle. I wonder whether I am too late to go and buy pens & notebooks & soap. Considering I cannot go this weekend (unless I hijack previously-made-plans, and drag someone along with me, who I doubt would appreciate that...) It'll be sadly missed.

This presides over all other choice of listening now. It is quite addictive. Listen to the French laughing and babbling... & that fabulous 'bah'... maybe because I don't understand a lot because it's too fast/ slang is why it works. I really ought to learn how to make 'nice', clean links. I should.

Reading: 'Human Traces', Sebastian Faulks. Try it. One page in and you know it's going to be one of those you fall into - whether you want to fall into it or not. You will, I promise. Maybe I'll read some more tonight. Or find a recipe for something. Cooking appeals, en ce moment.


'Would you like this wrapped? It's not a problem...' [smile inc.]

'No thanks, it's for myself.'

---- Katy has a plant. It is yellow, plain bright yellow.