Friday, March 16

Calm down, Katy...

works quite lyrically, don't you think?

I need a hot chocolate. In dia need. I have just sent about 26 poems off, as a very-very-verrry near final submission for my chapbook. Somewhat relieving, if not intensely scary. I am happy with them, for once, as happy as I can be with them. No doubt when it is all finalised there will be a myriad of things which I am exhaling blasphemous words and phrases and awful concoctions over, but, for now, all is good. Smile.


Not being able to find poets' work!

is a problem I have been enduring recently. How awful to manage to find some fabulous stuff which makes you feel rather exhilarated and then not be able to get more of it!!! Outrageous! I am on the hunt for work by the following:

  • Swithun Cooper
  • Colette Sensier
  • Dean Young.

(Sometimes when I read things I think I would quite like to marry the person... just then. I'm a hypocrit, given what I think about marriage, but hey, poetry does strange things to me, and I can't control what!)