Wednesday, January 31

Latest Reading.

Finished recently:

  • The Time Traveler's Wife: (I am very grateful for a certain friend's persuasion about me reading this; also, finding the book in the library lead to an intriguing encounter with another of the one-who-writes variety. Began whilst I was babysitting, finished the next day. My mum is also reading it - it's a strange feeling when my parents are reading the same book at the same time as me - perhaps I am just overly possessive of 'my' reading habits. I admit I was concerned that there might be a large 'cheese factor', initially; but my doubts were swished through with gorgeous writing from the first sentence.)

  • The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat: (This had been dipped into and out of too many times. I put it in my bag this morning, with the intention of finishing it. Read with my feet up on my desk for a little while when I got home, fully delighting in Sacks' writing & his patients drawings -- see the latter chapters...)

To read:

  • The Essentials of Psycho-Analysis, by Freud.]

In the proccess of reading/ dipping into and out of (as is best with poems):

  • New Poems on the Underground (a great present! I love the way 1) it was such a well-chosen present, 2) it reminds me of London. My post-it is currently on pages 78-79, where 'The Two Apes of Brueghel' - Wislawa Szymborska (but translated!) and 'Once' - Carol Rumens, lay. Go google if you want to read them - I'd recommend so.)

  • New Blood - an anthology edited by Neil Astley (one of the *two* books I got in my Foyle's bag. This is quite worthy of space in my room too, I reckon: there's a lot from 'modern' poets, it gives you some background info about the poets; generally helpful, and, as with any anthology - like 'Poem for a Day', incites further reading & research.)

  • Slyvia Plath - poems selected by Ted Hughes, to whom she was married (I read this through in a night's babysitting, too. My favourite? 'You're' & you'll see why if/ when - whoever says I'm not optimistic, stop & take note here! - you read it. I'd previously come across it, but it still makes me grin like a toddler - a grin which would probably scare the south, but hey... )

There are others, but those are the main ones. &, do check out - it's a decent site, with - allegedly - some fabulous recordings, including those of ones who're far gone. Do note, however, if you enjoy the site & it's supposedly glorious recording, remember not to rub it in that my computer is a bastard to not allow the poems to play.

Happy reading/ exploring...

PS: the poem in my last post, 'How to Remember' is indeed mine.

Monday, January 29

How To Remember

How To Remember

(for S.V)

Hurl reminiscing away. Smash it up,
the photographs, spit out that saliva
you suck inbetween your teeth – spit it,
on rose-tinted snaps, which had you –
stomach shaking, eyes stinging.
The cochlea echoes, a voice
which tossed over past waves.

Show willing – for once,
just this once, put out the reeking bins
again. Watch from your windows, peer around
the apple tree, spying with permission.
They take the bin bags out,
empty your stuff into
a gross churning machine.
And let’s listen to the metal, chomping away.
Don’t succumb.


With some luck, it won't seem like molten hatred pouring fresh out of the pot.