Sunday, January 7

I found the pink pen!!!!!!!!!!!!

It isn't often I use so many exclamation marks. I would agree that most of the time, the writing should elaborate to satisfaction without using punctuation to possible excess. There we are, bla about that, jolly good...

I found it amongst the bags, under the shelf of art, within the depths of the huge wardrobes which near-enough line one entire long side of my room. Then there was the piss take of trying to get it to work; it was apparently unresponsive to my gentle attempts at nudging it to get the ink to warm up (much like the hamster, really...) and also my drowning it in the glorious tapwater which is from the north. Finally, after lots of scribbling, it began to work. Hurrah, or what?

Let's just hope the little bright pink fountain pen doesn't go walkabouts from the realms of my memory as to where I placed it again.