Thursday, December 6

draft of a new poem.

[poem has since been removed.]

I'm too wary about this to leave it up for long, for fear of people reading it and making assumptions. But I would like to hear any reactions/ comments you might have; else I'll send it to a few poetry friends who live a safe enough distance away.


therapydoc said...

Oh, I love it. It says (to me) that when we're with someone we're less likely to be obsessing backwards or forwards, but at least have a chance at being with that person, in the present.

Anonymous said...

How far away is a safe distance?

Katy Murr said...

therapydoc -

I forgot I'd left this one up. Shall remove it now! Yeh, I get what you mean about the present, but I suppose that my poem was in a way driving at the *lack* of a present.

Anon -

(I hate not knowing who is anon... anyway...) A safe enough distance? Depends on the people, and the circumstances. Sometimes very little distance, or at least, felt distance. :)