Sunday, October 28

Okay, so I return, after a week away, submerged in darling Frenchness.

Room repainted = cool, looks clean, is cleaner, even if the colours aren't changed. (Hadn't made up my mind.)

PC = photos won't upload, apparently 'not enough space', which is utter CRAP. Some yummy program which I used for editing photos and art etc has been taken off and put on someone else's laptop instead, so I can't even edit or lighten any of the wonderful photos I have from France (I have a lot.) Plus, I've an inept version of word which is really old merely because it has the ability to use accents, whereas the more modern version makes it more difficult to type with accents (???)... Yehhh...

Desk = complete tip. Piles of work/ paper/ books/ notes were left around room and have now been stacked haphazardly on my desk, in no sort of order. Okay, my room is usually a mess, I admit - but it is an ORGANISED mess - I know where to find my stuff. Now it is a mess where I cannot find my books, college work, poems, or much else.

I haven't painted, collaged, made big art for months, played music, or gone for a run - I miss it. I think it is time.

The happy things: visiting a French castle, Paris (despite strikes, the metro is still better than the tube), French chocolate, that it is easy to listen to French radio now, far easier than it was, and that I can still understand German, even though I hadn't listened to it for a while. Plus new poems. Oh, and knitting; I'm making a scarf.

This should probably be written in my little black muji book, instead.

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