Wednesday, September 5

when all seems to be falling apart/ colliding,

try going for a walk on your onio/ taking a walk on your own. (I prefer the 'taking' here.)

without anywhere to go to in particular, with comfy shoes and clothes, maybe with a book or a camera or a doodlepad, with a dog (if you have one and like it), and maybe with no-one to meet (all depends who you'd be meeting, really...)

Trust me.

Free therapy... I'm surprised it isn't taken advantage of more... maybe doctors could prescribe it. Or people could just take it.


miles away said...

i find picturing a scene can be tranquilising. sort of like a living dream. Or train journeys, to make the seemingly large lands move fastly past under foot and wheel.

Katy Murr said...

(How about my latest scene?) What sort of a scene? I know what you mean about tranquilising - when your imagination seems to take over reality so that you become disorientated for a while. 'Living dream' - mmm. And yes... Train journeys... definitely have potential to be very relaxing.