Monday, September 17


Email news

I have a new email (see profile) for writing-ness. Plain, simple; boring. Serves the function well.

Writing News

I have been writing new stuff (eek, eek) as well as redrafting/ completely rehashing old things.

Does it sound so awful to have a poem split into three sections (without the purpose of designating voice/ speaker), where the 1st and 3rd are three sets of 'couplets', and the middle an uninterrupted sort of flurry? Flurry to mean fast-paced, lost-in-it (without abstraction, and hopefully without losing the potential reader) sort of thing.

Reading News

I found Farley's 'Tramp In Flames' from down the side of my bed (?!) last night, and began reading. Wasn't sure what to make of some of it; take the last poem in the book, 'I Ran All the Way Home' - every single line (of a long poem) began with 'I remember'. Part of me got fed up, the other part of me thought how much it reminded me of a nursery rhyme, through variations on a repeated phrase. I liked it though, it made me question my ideas on what 'poetry' is, and whether that counted. One poem I really did enjoy was 'Night Swim', which reminded me of certain parts of Vikram Seth's 'An Equal Music', where he describes swimming in the lake early in the morning... The cover is also a little weird. Sort of grainy to touch. I suppose it's meant to be easier to hold. Anyway, it earnt some notes, some thinking, and some post-its.

Weather News

It is currently about 8 degrees C here. I went out for a walk this evening wearing four layers round my torso: a tank top, a jumper, a thick jacket supposedly for the final layer, and a mac-ish coat. Also a silk scarf which, whilst looking nice, didn't really help. Plus some trousers, underwear, etc.

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