Sunday, September 16

Manuka Honey... They (including a woman at a rollerskating rink) tell me it's good. I bloody well hope so, considering the amount I've been taking in my (recently perfected - tropicana mixed fruit juice helps) honey and lemon drinks.


Anonymous said...

Recipe for La Murr's ridiculously fussy Lemon/Honey drink...

-2 teaspoons of Manuka Honey;
-2 capfuls of Maple Syrup;
-2 squeezed lemon halfs - through a sieve natually: heaven forbid we should get pulp in our drink!
-a splash of Tropicana mixed-fruit juice
-another splash of Tropicana, though this time Orange Juice - pulpless! pulpless!
- Some hot, but not boiling, water, lest we should get throat cancer from drinking it...

Voila! Easy-peasy


Katy Murr said...

Did I say 2 capfuls? Generally I use one. Oh, and apparently you didn't clear up the honey?