Friday, September 7

I don't just read the blogs on the side, on the right. I also read other stuff, like or or or or or

Basically I am just lazy and do not update my links. Pardon me. (Those on the right I do tend to read quite regularly, when there is writing to be read; the thirty or so under 'blogs', I sometimes check, sometimes don't.)


therapydoc said...

Thanks, Katy.

Tom Moitie said...

How do you check all of them? If you haven't already done so, try using Google Reader. It uses the RSS feed of the blogs and puts all the posts in one place. I use it more than once a day at the moment, getting through about 85 articles a day from 19 different websites (including yours - admittedly most of the articles per day come from Engadget and The Register).

I had a look through some of those links and I thought was fantastic. I've added that one to the old reader.

Katy Murr said...

therapydoc -

you're most welcome. I thought others might enjoy, having found out that one (friend & blog reader) definitely did.

moitie -

Um. No, I've not tried this. Link please? Does it take much time to set up? I don't know what an RSS feed is - you'll have to be more explanatory, I'm afraid. But that does sound like a good idea - twould save me much time and clicking when there's nothing new to read. Anyway, DO explain, please; it sounds a fabulous concoction. Mmmm... I'm not surprised you like that one.