Friday, August 10

I enjoy. (Simply to make me feel better. No, not in order of significance.)

  1. watching cold air coming in from the window to colliding with hot, showery steam
  2. eating the cake mix, raw egg included, rather than the final baked thing
  3. pulling grass up. (Hayfever can be ignored.)
  4. a nosebleed after a headache (the pressure goes, so it is relaxing to an extent, bar the health side-effects of lots of blood suddenly running out of my nose.)
  5. walking barefoot after a bikeride
  6. cycling very fast, or cycling very slow
  7. knowing exactly how low the trees hang and not getting scratched by them
  8. when strangers say hello, hi, goodevening, etc or even a simple smile (but only, only if it's obvious they actually want to do this.)
  9. sitting on the swings in playgrounds and kicking my feet up high
  10. pulling leaves of bushes, and petals off flowers, then portioning them (despite thinking flowers cut off are a bad idea because, essentially, they are dead things. Hypocritical? maybe.)
  11. doodling anything when I'm stressed
  12. folding paper, cutting paper into small bits, tearing paper. Paper, in general.
  13. finding random objects around (a book, a ring, a pair of lovely leather gloves...)
  14. walking too fast, too far, or both: either way, so that the muscles ache.
  15. the sound when you purse your lips and blow through them. (crap description...)
  16. spinning on office chairs, particularly in places like Ikea where there's lots of space.
  17. the thing where you hold someone else's hands and spin round crazily fast so that you end up fantastically dizzy (advisable to try this on grass, or some relatively soft surface, where there aren't any major rocks around. Unless, of course, you have intent of harming them. Generally I don't.)
  18. diving underwater, feeling the oxygen run out, and pushing it as far as possible.


miles away said...

number eight - it's sort of nice to watch other people do this, from a rather long way away. and number eighteen too. yes.

Tom Moitie said...

This post was delightful. And facsinating. It cheered me up no end. I especially liked 12. I think I sat on my bed the other night and teared up four train tickets for no reason - I made a little pile of paper. It made me happy.

Katy Murr said...

Let's do away with the crap of what should be enjoyed, or should be done, and, guess what... -dun dun dun-... actually enjoy what we simply enjoy. Yes, yes, yes! I love train tickets too. And I can picture that quite easily, Tom. I have my train tickets in a special little holder thing. Every so often they might get stuck into a journal or something, but for most the time, they stay there. Thank you, by the way. I am truly glad.