Saturday, April 21

Last post's colour was overly garish. Let's pardon that.

Before I went out last night, I felt knackered. Muscles aching, wanting to just collapse and go to sleep right then sort of tiredness. Suffice to say, I was not overly enthused about going out. I was looking forward to it, certainly, but after a week of being out every day for at least a couple of hours, on top of being back at school after weeks off, it was tiring. Getting home just after 12 I suddenly felt awake. Not even overtired and hyped, but just very awake. Anyhow, this morning I woke up at around quarter to 8 (normal getting-up-for-school time). Strange, considering a lie-in was expected and needed. One good thing that came out of it was going to the park before 11 (normally not even being up by this time at the weekend,) -- it was less busy, the air still thickly dewy, and everything seemed to be rustling, rousing.

Have so much work to catch up with, loads of emails to reply to, people to write letters to, writing to begin, and scales to attempt to learn.

Last night was enjoyable. Poetry, new people to meet and listen to, wandering round in semi-dark, cheap train rides (ahem...), discussing travelling, other languages, politics, three pieces of chocolate I found in my bag (wrapped up, don't worry), reminiscing over Germany, and being absorbed. Bar some alcohol, a little pixie to do all the work which bores me, and being able to distinguish my nighttime scrawlings (who has a hope with my handwriting if I myself cannot work it out?), what more could I ask for?

(& I have a new poem!)

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