Sunday, March 4

Rain. Il pleut.

Il pleut, albeit not quite in the way of 'Il pleure dans mon coeur / Comme il pleut sur la ville ; / Quelle est cette langueur / Qui pénètre mon coeur ?' Verlaine, google informs me. (Which reminds me to order some Baudelaire- all I currently have is a library copy of 'Les Fleurs du Mal', when really, I need my own so I can make notes.)

More in the way which reminds me of 'Rage, rage against the dying of the light'! You can hear a fantastic reading by Mr Dylan Thomas himself of 'Do not go gentle into that good night'. (Do have a listen, you don't even need realplayer, so most people should be able to hear it. And don't you think when he says 'forked' it sounds rather different?)

Some lessons for poor students attempting GCSE speaking and listening could be learnt from the way he savours his words himself - how, if the poet/ speaker themself cannot put weight upon their own words, can anyone else be expected to?


Anonymous said...

Rain...French...Rain... :)

Mr. X said...

What a shame that audio recordings didn't come earlier - I would have loved to head Byron reading his own works, or Shelly, even.
I wonder how they would have made it sound?

Katy said...

anonymous - several people now decide to use this, in the hilarity of my confusement, so I don't know which anonymous you are. Stuff it... you can email me if you want to tell me.

mr.x - an early time to be posting! (For me, anyway. Lie-ins are a prerequisite of weekends!). I don't know any Bryon or Shelly - recommend me some of your favourites? Then I would perhaps be able to offer some speculation on their reading. I agree that it is a shame they didn't come earlier, but even so, if you have a look at and the Academy of American poets (can't remember where I put the site in my favourites - I have so many files - like why I couldn't find the book I was reading - so many books and piles to look through!) there is nevertheless a wide variety!

Mr. X said...

Dropped you an email with a few items to peruse. Hope you enjoy...and apologies for the delay in responding!