Thursday, March 8

Clocks, tickers, metronomes, sundials, holidays without time, that little island without clocks...

it's all spinning round... I can't stop thinking about it: and I don't mean aesthetically, but conceptually. One man on holiday said he refused to have clocks or watches during his holiday - it ruined his days, pulled them apart, constrained them, bundled them up into attempting-neat packages as if in 'About a Boy'.

Would we be better off without it? Just for a little while? (I know it's not going to happen - people have places to be at certain times, deadlines, work, trains to catch etc, etc...) We would eat when we were hungry not just because there was a designated time, we would sleep when we needed to sleep, we would surely be less stressed? People would learn to wait when they met people without instinctively reaching for the little bugger of a mobile when five minutes too far had passed, intruded, started greedily ploughing away into their time.

(Can you tell I am someone who is often renowned for being late? NB: I am not actually late if I am that bothered, unless I have slept through my alarm, but that is quite rare; so if I do really want to be somewhere, I will likely be early... the rest of the time? No comment...)

It's something that's even begun (horrendously, or merely inevitably?) slipping into my writing. Something may appear soon. May.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Katy

Thank you for the comment. Your own blog is very interesting, and your own poetry is obviously going well.

Can I ask: are you considering applying for English and Creative Writing at Warwick? I am not 'prospecting' as such - we have 1000 applications a year for 25 places!

Good luck with your own work - and thank you again for your succinct and insightful comments,



D. J. Morley
Department of English & Comparative Literary Studies
University of Warwick, U.K., CV4 7AL.