Saturday, March 10

Blah beneath (not right beneath - the last part!)

today days acquired the skill
of tightrope
walking, of allowing
time to tumble
between nets, of
acrobating to roost, listening
to squealing squalor
of order, urgency
and that –
of our middle ear
to clocks’ manipulating
(this ear itself
in limbo, an epiparasite,
a necessary evil, a
playground whistling –)


comment? (the italics is me tilting my head, you know, 'thinking deeply', or 'trying to be persuasive' style...)


Personal incentives

Should I get some of the work done that I have to do today (ie. a LARGE amount), I shall reward myself: new books (the novel I was reading has gone missing!! Horrendous enough to warrant two exclamation marks…) , and a French DVD; ‘L’homme du train’, which has a glorious Guardian recommendation (difficult to resist… but, where has the ‘Living With Teenagers’ gone? I used to use that to try and coerce my parents into agreeing that they need to be more liberal, that liberal is good, and that having a load of rules is only going to make teenagers (apparently ‘searching for their self’) be… R-E-B-E-L-ious. (You knew it was going to end in ‘ious’, no point me exerting more effort over capitals etc.) Finally the PC is working properly, so stuff will actually play on it. (Spent ages last week trying to get ‘Trainspotting’ to play. Worth it, I’ll add: a film which restores some attempt at will to continue in a world where existentialism seems to roam quite crazily…)

Blah over.


Tomas Weber said...

I just stumbled across your blog, and i'm really quite glad I did.
This is a very exciting poem, I didn't want it to end.

Katy Murr said...

Hello Tomas, welcome to my blah space...

The stumbling can be a wonderful thing (ahem!), I have also found some stuff I'd never have found unless I wandered around the net for a while. That's good, I think, that you didn't want it to end. My mood recently has been rather sullen; your comment certainly perked me up. People who write need encouragement, sometimes especially.