Wednesday, January 31

Latest Reading.

Finished recently:

  • The Time Traveler's Wife: (I am very grateful for a certain friend's persuasion about me reading this; also, finding the book in the library lead to an intriguing encounter with another of the one-who-writes variety. Began whilst I was babysitting, finished the next day. My mum is also reading it - it's a strange feeling when my parents are reading the same book at the same time as me - perhaps I am just overly possessive of 'my' reading habits. I admit I was concerned that there might be a large 'cheese factor', initially; but my doubts were swished through with gorgeous writing from the first sentence.)

  • The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat: (This had been dipped into and out of too many times. I put it in my bag this morning, with the intention of finishing it. Read with my feet up on my desk for a little while when I got home, fully delighting in Sacks' writing & his patients drawings -- see the latter chapters...)

To read:

  • The Essentials of Psycho-Analysis, by Freud.]

In the proccess of reading/ dipping into and out of (as is best with poems):

  • New Poems on the Underground (a great present! I love the way 1) it was such a well-chosen present, 2) it reminds me of London. My post-it is currently on pages 78-79, where 'The Two Apes of Brueghel' - Wislawa Szymborska (but translated!) and 'Once' - Carol Rumens, lay. Go google if you want to read them - I'd recommend so.)

  • New Blood - an anthology edited by Neil Astley (one of the *two* books I got in my Foyle's bag. This is quite worthy of space in my room too, I reckon: there's a lot from 'modern' poets, it gives you some background info about the poets; generally helpful, and, as with any anthology - like 'Poem for a Day', incites further reading & research.)

  • Slyvia Plath - poems selected by Ted Hughes, to whom she was married (I read this through in a night's babysitting, too. My favourite? 'You're' & you'll see why if/ when - whoever says I'm not optimistic, stop & take note here! - you read it. I'd previously come across it, but it still makes me grin like a toddler - a grin which would probably scare the south, but hey... )

There are others, but those are the main ones. &, do check out - it's a decent site, with - allegedly - some fabulous recordings, including those of ones who're far gone. Do note, however, if you enjoy the site & it's supposedly glorious recording, remember not to rub it in that my computer is a bastard to not allow the poems to play.

Happy reading/ exploring...

PS: the poem in my last post, 'How to Remember' is indeed mine.

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