Monday, December 4

The same poem, redrafted for you. (And me.)

He'd been pulling a bag along
with him, his new-found friend

at first it grew slowly,
and then after a while
accelerated, growing
until it was cutting off
the lifeline. Left him to dangle

between shuffling in his bed
of slim cuttings of soft paper
bundled into a ball, a
cocoon, a coffin already made
for himself. I remember

the days we didn't need
to worry about bulldog
clips on the cage, because
he wasn't going to
crawl up the chimney, not today,
and cleaning would only disturb.

I remember holding him, a baby
again awkward in my hands,
massaging the fur, slowly, so
slowly, circling, urging him to
warm up.

We passed him between us, his
last minutes, seconds, nano-seconds
sp-lit, between the family. My turn

I took him to the radiator,
kneeled down, nudging him,
waiting for him to wake up, warm up,
stop pretending to give up on me.

He wasn’t going anywhere.

©Katy Murr 2006

I prefer it like this. Do you?

I am trying to quash my urge to make the stanzas even. I want to, but I think they're effective like this. (Don't ask me what I want the effect to be, please...)


Today I got told I have been offered a prize from the education section of the Poetry Archive site, for the 'most interesting and provocative contribution to the discussion'. A lovely surprise. So, the prize: a signed copy of the CD made by Paul [Farley] for the Poetry Archive. Apparently, 'the recording lasts an hour and includes poems from all three of Paul's collections to date.'

Naturally, I accepted. I only have one CD of poetry so far. It was one from an Aldeburgh festival, if my memory cogs are cogging correctly. Free, also. One more to add to my collection. & listen to, of course -- I do enjoy hearing poetry actually, it's often better that way (and you can hear poems, many different ones, at the archive:, unless, like me, you don't have realplayer on your pc: I would, but my dad remains adamant it slows the PC down. So there we go, I can't listen to them on the archive. Pissy-offy indeed.)

I want one of these especially though:, which my dad found out about. At first I thought they were only going out to schools supposedly, & so was going to send an email to the people in charge of it asking very politely for a copy. Not so, & so I'm not going to try that.

Should go and do revision. Boring-ness. I really should though, & I have English to do, writing to explain, I think. I was about to go and eat my advent calendar chocolate for today. Guess what? I remembered (sich erinnern... in German, I think...) I'd already eaten it...