Saturday, November 18


A diplomatic neighbour, for whom I often babysit, whilst in convo about what time I am to go tonight: 'Not that I'm implying you're unpunctual, of course.'
Me: [Laughs]... [thinking: Quel horreur! No, course not...]

Why anyone would even stretch to the effort of implying such a thing, amazes me; I thought it was a well-known fact.


I sent the MS off.

I repeat: yes, I sent the MS off. Finalement. Je suis tres contente au tour de ca. What a pity I can't be bothered to do proper French accents, eh? Oh well, stuff it. I still SENT THE MS OFF!

& I found something I'd been looking for since a long while ago. Phew, oh phew oh phew.


& I tidied/ rearranged my bookcase. Makes me want to read lots. I like just having books, even if I'm not feeling like I want to read. I just like them. It's the anticipation which makes me so, I think.

Thursday, November 16


I found out a lot about them last night. & about other things. Have 2 sides of A4 with loopy squiggles and shapes and thoughts scrambled over them. It's just the arranging, that small matter of putting it all so it feels right. As always.

Wednesday, November 15


'Mad thoughts clad in stilettos'

-- Guess where it's from, Rowena?

Tuesday, November 14


Is it OK to completely wreck the premise of the essay question, to say that it's phrased badly?