Wednesday, November 8


That dot, in a sea of everything so confusing that it almost seems blank because the things end up indistinguishable, that's how I feel. Don't get me wrong, this isn't about 'I feel like an ant, oh dear, dear, dear, help me' insignificance crap; I don't want or need sympathy, I just feel swallowed.

Sunday, November 5

Present for YOU!

Yes, that's right, you get a present... let's guess what it might be... hum... (I hope you're switching your stage-lights on and getting the butterflies excercised in those stomachs...)

Honey and Lemon Drink

Droplets of liquid water
surge out, dancing from
the Winnie the Pooh mug,
to clash with air.
Footsteps in our kitchen
are light, deliberately
like how you soothe a throat.
Tingling to touch,
hands grip. As you rise
up and up and up
you seem to be hurrying
to escape the heat, to separate
as you turn to rain
down on the heat.

©Katy Murr 2006

Like? Dislike? Hate a certain word? Adore a certain phrase? Think it's all a jewel-studded present of Katyness? Think it's a load of crap?

Tell me.