Friday, October 13

Does red wine stain lips?

I had some red wine tonight, (embarassing thing is I just spelt that as 'read') & also some white as it happens, with my meal, although not a lot as I knew I might be drinking later.

To the point: my lips now seem to be slightly purpulish. As far as I'm aware, there should be no other reason for this. I haven't eaten anything particularly strange. (Sweet chicken starter -- tastes more attractive than I can make it sound right now -- and, real italian pizza, ie the stuff with the thin base and ingrediants you can actually taste.)

Is it the red wine? It did taste very nice. Even though I'm verry sleepy now. & I expect the stain (if that's what it is) will come off with a dab of Aquafresh or Colgate. May be that it's the Colgate which is out tonight actually with my sister back.

Can't fathom the quote from Larkin's bio.

Drafted something today, in lessons, which was mainly provoked by the psychological idea behind a quote in Larkin's biography (the Richard Bradford one). Having flicked through, I really can't fathom it, nor even which section I think it may be in. Need to return the books to the central library soon (they've already been renewed far too many times!) so am pondering whether it's worth re-scanning the whole thing -- at least, until I find the quote. It would just be SO apt! It was about the automatic sectioning of the self, which we instinctively do, much in the same way we change the register of our speech according to the situation. The analogy was fantastic though, and would sit fantastically as a little footnote to the poem. Just *can't* fathom it. That's the problem with reading and not bothering to write down specifically intriguing quotes. Even better is when you can scribble over the text with pencil, of course, but sadly not for library books.

Thursday, October 12

Lines from something, which is better?

'beneath the arc of the roof
and above the bottom'


'beneath the arc of the groove of the roof
and above the bottom'

Which do you reckon? I've had contrasting opinions thus far, and although no 1. scans better, I think I prefer no. 2 for that particular line... but then it'd be like I'm sacrificing the scansion for that particular line. Confusing.

Routines - I try, I fail.

Am going to have to write this extremely fast, as I really have a LOT to do. One thing being that I need to email my French penpal, who I promised I'd email over two weeks ago... eeep.

Anyway, one thing that's really bugging me, is that no matter how much I try to establish a routine -- for writings, for schoolwork, or even for getting enough sleep, it just doesn't happen. Something /always/ gets in the way. I get too distracted. No wonder I'm always late. In the mornings everything's so crammed in, that one thing gets delayed, I'm late.

Like with the shower. (This was what I began blogging about yesterday but got distracted...) I decided to half-attempt being... (the word has lost my clutches)... being... energetic? Anyway, the shower decided not to work. As in hot, like steam-room style, and then too cold. Goosebumps either way. And so my plan to actually be on time (having got up a whole half an hour early, yes, believe it or not) completely went, quite literally, down the drain with the utter crapness of our water yesterday. I'd say rant over (and it would've been apt, had I finished yesterday's post and pressed send), but that doesn't /quite/ qualify as a rant; I'm sure there will be evidence of one sometime though.

On to other matters... I like how the title of the last piece, the poem, clashes, the different colours, don't you? Non-intentional, but contrast and clash is always better than not.

Back to the routine topic though: I quite like the way that I can use the excuse of being arty, not that my parents do, or anyone else, I don't think.

It's sort of a routine/ getting things up to the gorgeous stage of completetion, on time murmuring that's in my head right now. This is where I realise that being wonderful at procrastination is a baaaaad thing.

Shall be kind & not bore you even more with my list of what I've got to do, but shall return (hopefully) with some typed-up stuff to ask opinions of when I've done some of the many things which are swirling round prodding my mental state.

Tuesday, October 10

Last Night's Gloop of Marmite

Last Night’s Gloop of Marmite

Kicked wide quickly, your kitchen door
two pairs of trainers crushing the beans

steam sits comfy on your skin
as origami skills lack.

That coffee lid you fumble for is losing itself
in last night’s gloop of marmite

and now, coffee is stopping spilling
over freshly vacuumed floor.

©Katy Murr 2006

Doing the blog shizzle...

So, here it is.

I'm going to be able to put up my writings, or parts of. I'll be able to chart the progress (or, at the moment, not so much progress, as stalling of) my pamphlet/ chapbook, & the wonderings of The Murrmenator. (That's me, by the way.)

It's very scary really; having it put out there, even though it's what I want, but hopefully it means more people'll read my writings, so I'll get more opinions. Other than that, I'm not too sure what I'm expecting of this.

I don't hope you'll like or not like, I just hope to provoke something in you; and a drizzle of delight thrown in there somewhere wouldn't go amiss.