Friday, December 22

My Family I'd forgotten how much it makes me laugh. The sort of laughing where you forget about everyone else until you've stopped laughing, and then you realise that you really were laughing quite uncontrollably. I'd like to meet the actors. Don't know their names (as per usual -- do I ever really? no.), or anything about them, and I'd rather spend time watching the programme than googling them.

So, the boys were in bed (who I babysit for), I switched it on, looked gleeful with the realisation that I could sit and watch My Family, that my mocks were over so I didn't feel the need to do any work, that there was no-one else in, so I didn't have to share the lounge. I could just lie there, elbows propped on cushion, head propped in hands, fixated on the TV. (And they have a bigger TV than us. Fabulous.) And the laughing just rolled out -- most of the situations were completely absurd, but they somehow seemed to relate. Whether it be the teenage boy charging the people to take their piss in their lovely bathroom (extra for the ensuite, of course...) -- not that anyone does this, but the way he found to make money -- or the film star coming into the house, all blasé, everyone competing for his attention. It just works. It makes me laugh, and I was glad to remember that.

When the credits rolled on, I wiggled a bit, looking at my elbows (which had gone red and ached from being in the same position for yonks), & I wondered whether perhaps the boys would've wondered why I was laughing, but my thought was quickly pushed out, as I pictured them, running round crazily, fantastically energetic. No, they wouldn't.

(Yes, I am aware of my overuse of the word 'wonder'.)

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