Saturday, December 2


1) they have gone walkabouts, magically (and also stolen my magic in the process.)


2) I have left them at school. In the locker.

My schoolbooks...

The progress of my day thus far: three hours sat trying to distinguish which paper was 1) worth keeping/ filing 2) to be recycled, or 3) to go in the maybe-keep pile. The entirity of my maybe-keep pile then got shoved into the 'to be recycled' pile as I couldn't decide.

This took about 4 hours, with mini-intervals, to do things such as drink some water.

On the plus side, I have an advent calender. Most deserving of being emboldened, naturally.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Advent calendars are vair good.

I advise you..don't even start making a maybe just ends up leaving quite a lot of the stuff where it is, just ready for the next time you try to organise them, and they land in the maybe pile again.

Does that make sense? lol