Saturday, November 18


A diplomatic neighbour, for whom I often babysit, whilst in convo about what time I am to go tonight: 'Not that I'm implying you're unpunctual, of course.'
Me: [Laughs]... [thinking: Quel horreur! No, course not...]

Why anyone would even stretch to the effort of implying such a thing, amazes me; I thought it was a well-known fact.


I sent the MS off.

I repeat: yes, I sent the MS off. Finalement. Je suis tres contente au tour de ca. What a pity I can't be bothered to do proper French accents, eh? Oh well, stuff it. I still SENT THE MS OFF!

& I found something I'd been looking for since a long while ago. Phew, oh phew oh phew.


& I tidied/ rearranged my bookcase. Makes me want to read lots. I like just having books, even if I'm not feeling like I want to read. I just like them. It's the anticipation which makes me so, I think.

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