Sunday, November 5

Present for YOU!

Yes, that's right, you get a present... let's guess what it might be... hum... (I hope you're switching your stage-lights on and getting the butterflies excercised in those stomachs...)

Honey and Lemon Drink

Droplets of liquid water
surge out, dancing from
the Winnie the Pooh mug,
to clash with air.
Footsteps in our kitchen
are light, deliberately
like how you soothe a throat.
Tingling to touch,
hands grip. As you rise
up and up and up
you seem to be hurrying
to escape the heat, to separate
as you turn to rain
down on the heat.

©Katy Murr 2006

Like? Dislike? Hate a certain word? Adore a certain phrase? Think it's all a jewel-studded present of Katyness? Think it's a load of crap?

Tell me.


Dirk_Star said...

Very cool, keep up the good work!

Katy said...

I presume I'm meant to go look at your blog now, eh? :)

rowena said...

You already know that I love this but I thought I'd say it again anyway. I love the ambiguity of the phrase "as you turn to rain/down on the heat". When do I get to see your new "yummy" poem?

Damian said...

Hmmm. When I was a child I had a cold. Mum made me a honey and lemon drink.

It made me throw up.

Never again.

Katy said...

rowena - as do I, heh. [Insert non-explanatory comment] ahem...

damian - sorry to hear that. She mustn't've made it the way I do. & on the note of colds, I currently have a *very* sore, infected throat. Lucky you can't catch it through cyber-ness.

rowena said...

You can't be too careful, Katy. Better lay off the cyber snogging for a few days.

Katy said...

Actually have a sore throat at the moment -- or, as the doctor phrased it, 'inflamed and infected'.

I'm on the last strip of the packet of Lemon and Honey strepsils (the packet which I have had, largely, to myself).