Wednesday, November 1

Pasta's cooking

& takes about 8 mins, has already been in for about 3, will probably boil over if I don't check soon, so this is a quick post. Plus, radio1's on loud downstairs, and my dad will go beserk if he knows I've left the pasta & the radio on while I'm up here.

Pouring out the pasta reminded me of those shakers we used to make. You know, the ones everyone makes in primary, rainy-day-makeshift-'musical'-instrument type thing. No childhood complete without them. I like being inbetweeny awkward adolescent, don't feel like growing up. It'd be fun to be like this forever, never having to be adult or child, just able to choose between the two, and shove them together in an awkward, hilarious-to-the-person-who's-doing-it clash. Mmmm... I need to go check the pasta.

My fingers feel weird as I type this. I'm cold, yet I'm sat here in jeans, t-shirt, shirt, extra-large hoody which goes just past my bum, socks and fluffy slippers. I plan to move abroad when I can. I also plan to holiday - whenever I find my passport, that is. It actually worries me, just not having the option of getting away, even though I'm not planning to. Hey-ho, pasta calls...

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Anonymous said...

I love pasta :)