Thursday, November 2

Important Writing News!

I shan't even do the whole 'guess what?' thing, instead I shall get to the point: Zoe Brigley from The University of Warwick returned my manuscript -- either yesterday, or the day before, and I have now received it!

As a writer, the best feeling I can get, bar having written/ edited something which makes me 'oooh' all over, is having someone spend time critically reading my writing and telling me what they think, giving me nudges in the direction they think I should head in. So I am incredibly thankful to Zoe for this (who also was a tutor at the NAGTY creative writing summer school).

I love editing. It's addictive, and appeals to me a LOT. Which is why I am -- yet again -- editing the poems. Thing is, I am actually getting so much happier with the writings. I don't want to publish something which doesn't show my work at its best, I really want to make it as strong as I can.

& Then I need to sort out the drawings. Ooh, much excitement! Plus I'm listening to that Queen CD again which just makes me dance like hell, I am finding it so difficult to try and sit still; another reason I'm typing so fast, to exit my fidget-ness this way.

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