Wednesday, November 1

How To Remember, & a link.

How To Remember

(for S.V)

Hurl reminiscing away. Smash it up,
the photographs, spit out that saliva
you sucked inbetween your teeth – spit it,
on rose-tinted snaps, which had you –
stomach shaking, eyes stinging.
The cochlea echoes, a voice
that tossed over past waves.

Show willing – for once,
just this once, put out the reeking bins
again. Watch from your windows, peer around
the apple tree, spying with permission.
They take the bin bags out,
empty your stuff into
a gross churning machine.
And let’s listen to the metal, chomping away.
Don’t succumb.

©Katy Murr 2006


Writing my writings out into the Muji notebook I got was extremely cathartic. I was also pleased; most I am as content with as I think I'll get, and it helped to make a few changes by physically writing them; you concentrate on the overall thing, and I suppose it's more effort than just re-reading/ scanning them.

S.V, it's changed a tad since you last saw it- I hope you'll agree it's improved, though?


The sky's a light blue for once. An exciting change to wake up to!



I've a feeling that without mentioning women -- and here I refuse my urge to use an exclamation mark or embolden the font -- in the actual link, more people reading this would open it. Feel free to disagree, but I doubt I'll be changing my mind.)


*Aura of Mystery* said...

So what's actually wrong with The Sun?

*runs for my life*

love you xx

Katy said...

You know I'd only make you return & listen to me. So -

Everything. (I am proud: I resisted the use to use italics, bold, capitals, hypenated speech...)

The Guardian, The Guardian... undoubtedly better.


soph said...

Belated comment - very belated, i might add!'s still, worthy of typing, right?
I quite like the original, you know....I think i prefer it...I'm sure if it's just my inability to adapt to change, though.
So i'll ponder that.
I also think it's because of the impact the previous one had on me.
Much love, my dear Murr xx