Wednesday, November 15


'Mad thoughts clad in stilettos'

-- Guess where it's from, Rowena?


Meeee said...

*sings (badly), whilst playing (even worse)*

Katy, put those boots back on,
Put the boots back on and run and ruuuuuuuun ... to London :p

rowena said...

Now you're just taunting me.

Katy said...

meeee - how, how, *how* did you know it has something to do with that song? I really am rather afraid. You seem to guess too well.

rowena - don't be so silly, I'd never even consider taunting anyone. Never.

Mack the Knife said...

Lol I bet you would taunt me

Katy said...

mack the knife - having no idea who you are, I shall reiterate 'I'd never even consider taunting anyone.' :)