Wednesday, November 8


That dot, in a sea of everything so confusing that it almost seems blank because the things end up indistinguishable, that's how I feel. Don't get me wrong, this isn't about 'I feel like an ant, oh dear, dear, dear, help me' insignificance crap; I don't want or need sympathy, I just feel swallowed.


Forest Gump said...

worlds a big place for a lil murr

Sarah said...

surprising a little dot can represent so much

Katy said...

forest gump - sorry about today. You can check the date and you'll know why I'm saying this x

sarah - perhaps you've not yet been subjected to the full-throttle of Murr-ramblings ;)

Forest gump said...

If its what i think it was. Its ok, im going to try and just take it in the hope that it helps you. Sometimes you just need to let some stress out :P