Friday, November 3

Bang. Bang. Bang.

guess what's going on outside? Hummm...

The sister came back from uni again today, I presume she misses me too much to be away from me too much, and even though she was scowling at me a fair amount today, that this is her greatest form of affection for me, because she is unable to express how much she loves me. Really, I really, really think so. & so should you.

We went for lunch. They (my mum and her) thought it was a fantastic idea to tip the barman. I did not. Why? He's doing his job; certainly, he was friendly & everything, but still, I think that's a bit generous. He poured us three drinks. Big deal.

Or perhaps it's just because I'm moodifying over the fact I don't even have a single note in my purse, in typical poet-in-western-style-poverty (joke -- don't sue me for being unpolitically correct) style. Nevermind lovely purple £20 notes, I don't even have a scrawny fiver! But fear not, I don't expect you to pity me, just that when my oh-so-fabulous chapbook is finally published, it'd be nice if you bought it. It'd make me smile. Really, it would. Not convinced I'd tip people even then, but it would make me happy. & Everyone knows a happy Katy is a good thing.

Still, the food was very good, I shall admit that much.


Tscch... enough self-indulgence, or not?


photos. I have them. From 3 disposable cameras. Most turned out ok. Some of Warwick & friends from there, others just from pottering (I've never understood where that verb comes from, but it sounds nice, I like the rhythm to it..) around the house, others from London. Eeee, they are so lovely, lovely, lovely. I might make a big collage of them on the inside of one of my wardrobe doors, but that might mean having to take another display down. (I used to have photos all around one wall, around the circular mirror, though after I took them down to take with me for Warwick -- after all, couldn't be expected to cope without such lovely things, could I? -- I couldn't be arsed fiddling round getting them in a nice display.) It's also far easier -- and misconceivably (is that a word?) 'tidy' to put my 'displays' up on the insides of my wardrobes. That way, only people I know a bit at least, should be looking in there, and also it makes my room look a bit tidier on the facade, even though it's a tip of stacks/ piles of everything, & altogether much mess.


editing is going very well. & I mean, verrrrry well. Things should be finished (for this, at least) verrry soon!


All lovely people (I think 'lovely' seems to be my word of the day. Anyhow, it doesn't go down in value because I've used it lots today, it retains entirely wonderful) who've managed to get this far into my ramblings deserve a metaphorical pat on the head. I'd say 'pat on the back', but I prefer to pat people on the head because you can then make their hair all messy & see whether it bothers them. Very amusing, I can assure you. & immature, but hey-ho, I'm not going to grow up just yet.


PS. Hopefully I'll come back with some meaningful stuff another day.

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