Sunday, October 22

Update on the postcards, arty stuff, and writing.

Am just in the proccess of editing that poem I told you about yesterday, and also trying to find a title for it. One friend gave me two ideas for the title, taken from the poem. I actually completely forgot about that way of finding titles. Sometimes titles seem unnecessary, other times obvious, and other times apart from that, they wander inbetween of want. Right now, I'm thinking that 'Not to mention' is the preferred one.

I promised an update on the postcards though... one is by the front door, waiting to have its address written out, and already with a stamp on. (Blue, if I remember rightly, so second class?) The other is somewhere in my room. Where, I don't know, although I have actually tidied it ish. & it was hoovered today (under the bed as well, you'll be glad to know.)

Arty stuff... I made a 3d photograph today. Of the tap and a sink, and a wineglass set just in front.

Need to work out how to put pictures up...


Henthorn said...

For pictures:

Edit the HTML on the rich text tool.
Posting the picture in ussually isn't too hard...


Katy said...

Rob, you realise there's the slight problem that I don't know how to 'Edit the HTML on the rich text tool.' ?!

I shall ask you how when you're online sometime, incase you don't see this. :)

The Man from your dreams said...

Postcard? Are you away? And how did you make a 3d photograph?...All questions that shall be anaswered for me tomoro i guess