Sunday, October 29


the state of the much-loved clarinet reed which I'd spent a few sessions trying to break in. Went downstairs this morning, it lay on one of the tables in the front lounge, tip of it snapped off.

I decide to ask my dad about it, whilst picking at my fruit toast (part of my lovely brunch, which also comprised of about half the pack of grapes, a glass of tropicana, and some mini caramel shortcake things. Note to everyone: fruit loaf toasts quickly. I went to get the door to let my mum in & mine had already burnt.)

'Oh, I was playing with it last night.' Yes, this was the last night they went for a meal at a neighbour's... probably aided with lots of wine... But still, 'playing'? With my clarinet reeds? No, my clarinet reeds are to be left alone. People don't realise how easily they snap if they don't play.

'it snapped by accident'.

That's pretty much all he said. With a smile at the end.

Not impresed.

People who don't play also don't realise that it can take a loooong while to break a reed in. Anyway, I'm not angry about it. For one thing, I wouldn't be blogging about it if I were as they can read this perfectly easily, as can anyone else. Two good things came out of it 1) I used a new reed, which looks just as lovely aesethically (sp?) as the other one did (the reason I wasn't happy that it got snapped) & also has a far better tone, much more rounded & full, the first scale I played on it (simple, F major) came out fabulously.

2) I had a free house, so could have friends round without parents fussing. Lovely.

& Now I have to go, to be a good daughter and spend time with my parents. Smile with me.

(I think I might take my mp3. Perhaps... and maybe wear my boots? Or will they get too muddy? Uhm...)

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