Saturday, October 21

Showing writing to other people.

One of the things that annoys me most about my writing: I can write something, which I am so amazingly awed, about, so, so excited about (!), and yet for the sake that it contains stuff so innately bound up in other people who're close to me - in not only my stories, but theirs, ours. And so despite these pieces being - to me, at least - some of the most important, I have to keep them hidden, because I'm a slave to my writing, and know that people would get so uppity towards me if I published them just now. So I won't.

To keep my parents remotely happy about my writing, I decided to be a very nice daughter - yes, do agree here, if you're reading this - and show them something I'd written. Okay, so it was only a draft, and it was about family stuff, but yes, I managed to actually show them something. & I feel *good* about that.

There's more that needs to be said on this topic, though I am off now, to try and throw my headache away.


Philip G. Bell said...

With respect to showing writing to other people, I guess this is good a place to say that the Young Poet Society is working with Katy to publish a chapbook of her poems. This chapbook will become available on-line soon, once Katy is happy with the final draft. Check back often for dates.

Phil (Founder of YPS) -

rowena said...

Go Katy! That sounds exciting, though I'm not entirely sure what a chapbook is. I'm guessing it's a small online book that is so full of good poetry, reading it is like applying a particularly smooth and sweetly-scented chapstick? In which case, I can't wait to read it.
I know what you mean about how problematic it can be showing writing to others; I don't know if it's actually possible to write something that isn't very personal. I know I don't. Don't let it get you down though- someday you'll be a professional poet and you'll be able to publish whatever you want, AND get paid for it :D

Katy said...

Rowena - did you by any chance read what I said about the gorgeously attractive smelling lypsal?!

nathan said...

Hello katy, not seen you for a while...damn its chow time

The Man from your dreams said...

So yeah, don't actualy know where you are now, but if your around hey. I aint seen you in a while because i've been in portugal. I reckon you should just be public with most of your stuff. I mean (if i'm not being big headed) if any was about me or our relationship, I'd either be too dumb to notice or I'd prefer to know what you thought. But then i suppose i Know we have had a bit of a rocky relationship lol
And yes... the world does revolve around me

...oo fireworks