Thursday, October 12

Routines - I try, I fail.

Am going to have to write this extremely fast, as I really have a LOT to do. One thing being that I need to email my French penpal, who I promised I'd email over two weeks ago... eeep.

Anyway, one thing that's really bugging me, is that no matter how much I try to establish a routine -- for writings, for schoolwork, or even for getting enough sleep, it just doesn't happen. Something /always/ gets in the way. I get too distracted. No wonder I'm always late. In the mornings everything's so crammed in, that one thing gets delayed, I'm late.

Like with the shower. (This was what I began blogging about yesterday but got distracted...) I decided to half-attempt being... (the word has lost my clutches)... being... energetic? Anyway, the shower decided not to work. As in hot, like steam-room style, and then too cold. Goosebumps either way. And so my plan to actually be on time (having got up a whole half an hour early, yes, believe it or not) completely went, quite literally, down the drain with the utter crapness of our water yesterday. I'd say rant over (and it would've been apt, had I finished yesterday's post and pressed send), but that doesn't /quite/ qualify as a rant; I'm sure there will be evidence of one sometime though.

On to other matters... I like how the title of the last piece, the poem, clashes, the different colours, don't you? Non-intentional, but contrast and clash is always better than not.

Back to the routine topic though: I quite like the way that I can use the excuse of being arty, not that my parents do, or anyone else, I don't think.

It's sort of a routine/ getting things up to the gorgeous stage of completetion, on time murmuring that's in my head right now. This is where I realise that being wonderful at procrastination is a baaaaad thing.

Shall be kind & not bore you even more with my list of what I've got to do, but shall return (hopefully) with some typed-up stuff to ask opinions of when I've done some of the many things which are swirling round prodding my mental state.


Anonymous said...

What was it you said to be about hating routines, I recall from my more than fabulous memory - I came to the conclusion that not having a routine is a rountine.(in a wierd me way i guess, it's is my excuse for the randomness of my belonging)BUt i am happy for you,I'm not sure if i told you that.

Katy said...

Anonymous -- do you have to remain anonymous? I have a guess in my head :) Happy for me in general, or what? Thank you, btw, I am quite happy myself right now.

x (Felt the need:P)