Monday, October 16

Monologue? Dramatic scene? Poem?

I have the basic scratches of a poem. & these, I permit myself to say, are looking quite good. But I'm just not sure *how* to present the ideas. & that is what makes a poem, right? Basically, it's like an argument between two people, about some shoes that someone chose to wear to school. And I sort of want it to sound like it's replaying in the person's mind, as if they're taking the piss out of the person who was telling them not to wear the shoes. So far, the person whose POV it's from is speaking in normal font, and the other is in italics, but it just.. doesn't look very much like a poem. Then again, it's difficult to define a poem, and I fear that by having just said *that*, I've now put myself in the 'tries too difficult to categorise poetry' box. And I don't really want to be in any box, who does? Anywaay... it's just... looking like a script at the moment, which I don't suppose is necessarily a bad thing.

Perhaps I could put 'Script of...' as the title, or, to be more illusive, 'Excerpt from script of...'?

Ideas welcome. Ideas needed.


Kezmondo said...

I think you should stick with what you have now: the person whose POV it is from in normal font and the other person in italics. I pictured it in my mind's eye and I think it'll look...interesting. It may not look like the typical poem, I wouldn't know to be honest, but maybe that is what will make it stand out that bit more.

rowena said...

I think you need to post the actual piece if you want people to give advice m'dear! Otherwise, it's nigh impossible to know what you're talking about (I realise that I just used the word nigh, and I am not at ALL repentant).

Katy said...

Yes, yes Rowena! I shall do, am just biding my time in an attempt to work out some way of how to make it 'better'. (Note my use of inverted commas!)