Wednesday, October 18

Messy room, messy mind.

It's currently half tidy, half extremely messy. I gave up tidying, and came on here in frustration, to earn some procrastination points. It's in need of a hoover, a *real* tidy. From moving my bed out I unearthed several things, including vaseline, a green pen (one of the clotty, biro ones), a 2b pencil of a blue colour, and a lypsal (is that how you spell it? You should know what I mean, anyway) which I had when I went skiing. The lypsal smells GORGEOUS. Seriously, all vanilla-y and creamy. I don't know why I decided to do this blog, but part of me hopes that it will be a good place to put all the blah I don't know who to give it to, and to put my writing up. I read a lot of stuff I enjoyed last night, really funny, hilariously human poetry. & I wrote a little bit, too. The plan was to type it up, having done my schoolwork, oh, and music practise. Plans are failing right now though, they're rubbish when you've a divided self.


Jonathan Parton said...

completely unrelated to this post...but wow! you do over a post a day! how do you find so much to talk about!??! i get enough stuff for my msn one about once every 3 months or something! jonny

Katy said...

jonny - I blah relatively easily, it's one of my talents. Plus, blogging is great procrastination.