Monday, October 16

In need of...

Am in need of several things.

  • own copy of To Kill a Mockingbird (to scribble wonderful things over)
  • stamps, normal UK ones
  • international stamps for letter for German friend (actually need to re-find letter though)
  • to find bike lock. (So can practise using it, as James kindly explained to me, not something I think should really need explaining, but I did ask...)

Oh, and

  • more sleep.

And I need to try and get my final MS edits done, plus drawings. Wish I could put drawings up.

I've tried to put pics up, but it doesn't work. Any advice anyone? Oh, and I want to edit the blog links, as well, although that link seems to be down at the moment, so perhaps in a couple of days...

(Think I did say that not everything on this would be relevant to anything, and that most would be irrelevant. If not, I have now, so don't complain.)


A Small Barking Dog said...

Your need bike lights aswell :)

Katy said...

Yes Nathan, and those. Was supposed to be getting them today actually. Didn't happen. But me going to sleep from 3.30 - 6 did. Oh, and then waking up really disorientated.