Friday, October 27

Having returned back

back home, I was about to say, & it is, but it's just that I quite like being in different places as well.

(I did fit everything in the bag, & am very proud of myself for this, & I wore my new boots for two days, ouch!)

One good thing about being back is that I can now check the news more easily. I mean, I know I could buy a paper whilst I'm away, but I prefer reading it on the net, in a lot of ways it seems easier; my fingers won't get newspaper print on them, and also it seems easier to naviagate. Plus I can have a few different sites open, comparing the articles more easily. Oh, & the fact that I don't have to pay is a good thing. I suppose maybe if my parents bought a paper often (preferably The Guardian, or The Independent...) then I would prefer that. They don't though, so I don't prefer it.

I have one real aim for my half term: to find my passport. It would be helpful, considering I need it to go to Germany or France really, or anywhere else for that matter. & I know it's in the house, it's just whereabouts, I don't know exactly. Probably inbetween some books on my ridiculously overflowing bookcase...

Having just drank a hot chocolate with maple syrup, chocolate from the orange tub which comes from France, and marshmallows; I am very happy. Not only for that reason, but hot chocolate generally contributes to it. As does dancing to the radio when it's very loud & no one else is in the house & it's raining heavily (as it often does here, up north) outside.

I have just invited (well, ish) people round tonight. Does that mean I have to tidy my room? I think it does.

---- (This can be a sort of interlude, I want to break it up because now I'm going to talk about other stuff.)


(it deserves stars, really, doesn't it?)

I like the place. I like getting lost in all the people, it's strange... up north I feel more of a requirement to talk to other people, like when I'm on public transport, I do make an effort, and often end up talking to people. But there? No. You're not expected to make an effort, you're more expected to keep yourself to yourself. There really is a great difference between the north & the south, not only because London is so utterly touristy.

& we got to go to the Tate Stores!! (Notice not only one exclamation mark.) It smelt nice, warehousey, open, the smell of paint and storage and art. Plus it was good to see the pieces of art we're looking at. (I understand that the 'we' is vague here, but I think it would take too much for me to explain it, so I'll just not, ok? I hope you don't mind.)

The security was very high though. I didn't like the security people too much. Very un-smiley. Why do people find it so difficult to smile? It's not like life has to be utterly glorious for people to smile.. & yes, I'm rolling my eyes. If you know me, you know the look.

I also need a new logbook. It's not a diary, or a journal, because I put into it what I want, when I want. So basically it's really uneven and consists of all sorts from lolly sticks, to breaks of about two weeks, to four pages of fast writing in a pen which was half running out. (Or something like that anyway.) (& I want to stick some of the stuff I picked up in London in there, but I think I've only got about 1 page left in the current book.)

Muji calls, it seems. Next time I need to get one with thicker paper as well, because despite the expense, I don't want my pages falling out, or worrying about them falling out just 'cause I choose to stick/ staple/ shove something(s) into/ onto a page. What a mathematical way of writing that sentence. Heh.

What else? I have writing on my right arm. (I'm left handed & wrote it.) By Juan Monos (with a funny little Spanish accent on the 'n', which I couldn't draw too well on my hand with the pen, but remember having to balance quite particularly to give it a go.) "Either too late or too early; it's always the wrong moment." Shouldn't really have put that in speech marks, it's not a direct quote, I paraphrased it if I remember correctly, but anyway. It looks really pretty I think, some of the ink has gone slightly pink, & the rest sort of deep lilac/ light purple. Makes me wonder what it'd be like to have tattoos. Although I don't think I'd like the permanency (is that a word?), I'd probably get bored of it quite quickly. Suppose I like this because I know it shall wash off soon. (When I finally have a shower. Although I need to watch the film first. Well, don't need too, I want to. Might take a piece of 'art' downstairs with me and do it at the same time...)

The thing on my arm was on an information cuboid on one of the walls at the Tate Modern. Out of interest, has anyone else seen the slide thing there? Or even been on it? & Don't you find the escalators confusing there? They sort of miss out a level, the ground floor one... so you have to take the stairs instead, oh the grand effort of picking up my feet to walk there...

I'm going to do something else now. Wonder whether anyone else has had so much fun in the past two days? (I love the ambiguity of 'that' word.)


Grant said...

I like London too :]

(Green Park - another place I'll never go without reminiscing)

I could've bought you a paper if you wanted one? :p

Love xx

Katy said...

Perhaps I should reply in person to you on this one? (I wonder how many more places...) x

Grant :] said...

One specific place springs to mind. It begins with B and ends with ayswater :P

love xx

A Granulated duck egg said...

Get a room.

Spam said...

So I'm guessing this is the famous London dude then ;)

...I've heard so little about you Grant, How you doing? I'm katys sugar daddy

love x

Naz said...

Sorry am i being anoying?

Katy said...

Nathan, my dear 'sugar daddy', I'm afraid to tell you that, seeing as this is my blog, I'm going to ignore all of the above comments of yours :)

nANANanAnAAnnANaz said...

Well i've been thinking, i can't be your sugar daddy as your older lol...damn 15 days, ill have to be your toy boy